Yeah, I'm one of those assholes

Damn, that's a cold ass honky


Daniel Radcliffe sorting people into houses.

I’m not even mad.


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For Everyone Who Is Attracted To Zach Woods




guys this is so important 

I SAID IT FIRST. (Insert link to my Popgurls article from years ago. Ugh, come on, get on board!)

Some people obviously have excellent taste.

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Let us all hope

Let us all hope

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23 Pictures Of Zachary Levi, The Most Adorable Nerd On The Planet


Oh, Zachary Levi, you won my nerdy heart ages ago. 


Zac is loving this :)

Whenever I swoon over Zachary Levi, it takes me a second to remember that he’s an actual Disney Prince and then everything goes out the door. And by everything, I mean my pants.


That is all.